29 July 2012

29. July

I haven't been drawing much, unfortunately, but I did get a couple of requests done.

The top one only took me like a bazillion ages, but that's cool.  It turned out okay considering all the muted color is out of my element.  The other three were for the same person, and they're simple enough.  Made a lot of mistakes in retrospect, but I'm not going back to change them...

In other news: there is no other news!

Rock on.

05 July 2012

Doodling: Ivan

Ehh, Ivan C. LeBlanc.
A character I used to draw all the time,
then I stopped.
But! I've begun again.
He's a little older in these than how I normally draw him,
just because I needed to figure what even he looks like.


Oh look, it's July.

Ouch.  Exactly one month ago I had finals.
It's taking me longer than expected to recover from the school year.
Look forward to some drawings from me.
Also, maybe some written gay porn.
It happens; what can I say?


17 May 2012

May update.

Week eight is nearly done.
Am I happy?  Am I crazy?
God knows.
Physics is kicking my ass, more than usual.
Magnets: how do they work?
Chemistry became descriptive, which is,
while not necessarily hard, very different.
In calculus, we're doing vectors, which is a nice break.
I'm definitely ready for summer, but
I'm going to miss my professors,
and friends,
and playing in the lab.
I'm excited to start my arts again, though.
It's been a long time since I put pencil to paper
that hasn't involved my courses.

I'll check in again soon,